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Rechargeable Dea Sunlight 10ml

Rechargeable Dea Sunlight 10ml
Rechargeable Dea Sunlight 10ml
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The purity of this replenishment fluid is also felt by the absence of any residue in your steamer and the neutral, discreet sense of aroma that Sunlight will leave your palate in every inhalation. If you are looking for neutrality without heavy perfume blends then you probably found your own tobacco liquid.

Dea refillable fluids are manufactured in Italy by Dea Flavor Srl. The company's exclusive engagement with refillable fluids and systematic controls on quality in fluid production make it one of the world's leading manufacturers of liquid refillings.

The liquid is available in a practical 10ml plastic bottle and paper package with four nicotine choices : 0, 4, 9, 14mg / ml.

Special Consumer Tax is included in the price of the product.

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