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Dea Skomposti Breeze 60ml

Dea Skomposti Breeze 60ml
Dea Skomposti Breeze 60ml
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Forget about the aroma of menthol and enjoy 100% natural aroma of refreshing mint that will revive you and stimulate your senses.

DEA Skomposti's DEA Skimposti range of DEA Skomposti is a new easy way to make your own favorite liquid refill in a great deal quantity. The large 60ml bottle capacity contains the exact amount of aroma (20ml) you need to fill in with just the foaming base (nicotine or not) and enjoy your favorite liquid.

To prepare your own DEA Skomposti liquid refill to the desired nicotine content, just follow the simple mixing instructions in the following table of instructions.



Nicotine mg / ml:

Base Quantity 20mg / ml

to be mixed:

Base Quantity 0mg / ml

to be mixed:

0mg / ml 0ml 40ml
3.3mg / ml 10ml 30ml
6.7mg / ml 20ml 20ml
10mg / ml 30ml 10ml
13.3mg / ml 40ml 0ml

Important: DEA Skomposti 60ml is not a ready-made replacement liquid and can not be used without the addition of a vapor base. The 60ml bottle contains only 20ml of perfume and the vapor base for the preparation of the liquid should be purchased separately. Necessary is judged before use and the curing time.

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