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Meet DEA Flavor

E-liquids for electronic cigarettes 100% made in Italy
DEA Flavor is a company that makes replacement liquids for the electronic cigarettewhich are produced exclusively in Italy

The company

DEA Flavor is a dynamic company that had the vision and accepted the challenge of entering a new and revolutionary market. Thanks to the quality, safety and transparency of its policy, the company has been able to establish itself among European industry leaders in a short period of time.

Consumer appreciation and our desire to believe in this product has pushed DEA Flavor to make investments that have allowed it to further improve product quality and safety and flourish its growth.

Today DEA Flavor has 20 employees and an estimated annual output of 21 million bottles.

Thanks to all this, DEA Flavor has become synonymous with the highest quality refill fluid for electronic cigarettes throughout Europe.

What and how we do it

The main objective of the company was and is to produce high quality replacement fluids. The R&D team works with full commitment to improving products in order to gain widespread consumer acceptance. For this reason, the selection of raw materials is a crucial step, and thanks to the cooperation of only certified suppliers with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and food industry, DEA Flavor guarantees the highest quality standards for its products.

A new product should inspire customer safety, which is why the company has decided to go far beyond the requirements of the law by implementing a rigorous internal quality control system that ensures a pleasant and safe vaping experience.

DEA Flavor's desire and commitment to quality and safety has led the company not to neglect the appearance of its products. The liquids are in practical boxes, accompanied by paper with detailed instructions.

Our creative department constantly keeps consumers updated with brochures, brochures and various promotions, and this is an example of the importance that DEA Flavor gives to its products, which by many are considered the best replacement fluid for the electronic cigarette in as much quality as and in taste.

Our mentality

We believe in change, supporting innovative solutions and working hard to guarantee everyone a safe, quality and valuable alternative to smoking.

About Us

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